Coaching Guidance


This if for you who are truly looking to establish new habits in life. You might have zero experience when it comes to physical training, or you might have some.

We all need guidance and mentors.

I consider self-development to be among my top 3 values in life.
I am very passionate about learning, and strive to become better in life and at what I do every day.

I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge on how to handle and maneuver through obstacles and situations you might come across at work or in life.


Do you have a problem?
Can it be solved?
“That makes it a project, not a problem”

I wish to use my knowledge, and personal experience from life to guide and motivate you towards figuring out whatever you are dwelling on. This might be health (nutrition, sleep, stress) related, work related or projects you are thinking about or dreaming of.

Are you approaching the situation from the right angle?
Are you prioritizing your time right?
Are you happy in your current situation? 
Are you struggling to make the leap?
Do you feel mentally prepared for whatever challenges you may face? Competition, lecture, presentation etc.

Whatever the case may be, I want to help you.