As a nutritionist my philosophy is rather straight forward. Try to keep it simple! Without food we wouldn’t survive. With too much food, we won’t survive

Look at food as your fuel. What is on your plate will be used someway in your body. How it will be used, depends on what’s on your plate.

You might have a goal to become a top athlete, gain a better understanding of different types of food, lose/gain weight, learn how to fast compose healthier snacks, or just eat healthier.

Regardless of allergies, diseases or injuries I wish to make your transition into a healthier and easier life, as simple as possible. Together we will reach your goals!

Working with you I want us to make the changes necessary for you to enjoy your new diet through life! Over time the cumulative effect of these small habit changes will have a massive impact on your health; that is the definition of a lifestyle change!

Do you have any questions?