The Story of Ta Tak

Ta Tak means get started/get to work

It symbolizes how you should face challenges, adversity and obstacles in life. There is no reason to have a plan B. If you have a vision or a goal, the right time to start working towards that goal is today. Regardless of what your goal is you should be working towards it right now.

Ta Tak was established as a result of the obstacle course we call life

By the end of 2015 I was dealing with significant issues and adversity in the family, financially and at work. I spent the last months of 2015 couch surfing trying to figure out where to go from here. In the midst of all of this I was handed a book from a dear friend of mine. It was called “ The Obstacle Is The Way”. As a result, “Ta Tak” was established. At 06.00, 1st January 2016 Ta Tak had its first personal training session. The rest is history….

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